Ecstasy Addict

An ecstasy addict suffers from the overwhelming urge to use ecstasy despite knowing the negative consequences it entails. Most people do not become addicted to ecstasy the first time they try it. Addiction to this drug is the result of habitual abuse over an extended period of time. Someone who is an addict may attempt to stop taking the drug on their own but find that they relapse quickly. This is typically due to their overwhelming craving for ecstasy and the euphoric feelings it creates in them.

Not everyone who uses ecstasy becomes addicted. When a user begins to seek out and take the drug compulsively, that person is said to be dependent on the drug or addicted to it. Ecstasy is considered to be emotionally addictive. When someone is an ecstasy addict, they tend to gravitate to others who share their common interest in the drug. They also tend to lose interest in activities that once meant a lot to them such as going out with friends and participating in sports.

What is the difference between a “casual user” and an ecstasy addict? There are many different levels of ecstasy problems. Ecstasy use becomes abuse when it adversely interferes with the user’s life. At this point, people are often considered a “problem user.” An addict is somebody who uses ecstasy excessively and/or frequently despite awareness of associated negative consequences directly or indirectly related to its use.

Almost every ecstasy addict tells themselves at some point they can conquer their addiction without help from others. Unfortunately, this is not usually the case. When an addict makes an attempt to discontinue drug use without the aid of professional help, statistics show that the results do not last long. Attending a drug rehab will help in the recovery process from ecstasy addiction. While in rehab, the recovering person will be surrounded in a compassionate and supportive environment. The staff there will be experienced in helping people of all ages recover from their addiction problems.

Ecstasy (Drug)
Ecstasy is known by chemists as MDMA, for 3, 4 methylene dioxymethamphetamine. It is an old drug, synthesized about 70 years ago for use as an appetite suppressant. During the late 1980's, MDMA began to grow in popularity among college students, who discovered that the drug made them feel alert, yet relaxed. They reported feelings of warmth toward each other, but they were not hyperactive.
Ecstasy-Parkinson's Connection?
(AP) Partying with Ecstasy several times a night, a common practice among users of the illegal drug, may damage key neurons in the brain and perhaps hasten the onset of Parkinson's disease, according to a study in monkeys.
Officials: Ecstasy is back, and it's laced with meth
ALBANY, New York (CNN) -- Nick, 16, says ecstasy is rampant in his high school, with kids often mixing the drug with meth and other substances. art.ecstasy.meth.cnn.2.jpg More than half of all ecstasy seized in the United States last year was laced with meth, authorities say. "You just have to know the right person. It's about as easy as any other drug. You just gotta ask for it," says Nick, who asked that his last name not be used. "It's easy to get." Law enforcement officials say stories like these highlight a disturbing trend they're seeing across the country. Most alarming, they say, is not only is ecstasy back after years of decline, but most of the time it's laced with meth.
Ecstasy: a home brew to die for
MORE than 100,000 ecstasy tablets, with a street value of more than $3 million, are consumed every weekend in Australia — and, police say, much of it is now made locally by backyard operators cashing in on demand. Australia is a world leader in the consumption of the dangerous and illegal drug, with 3 per cent of the population using the so-called party drug on a regular basis. Police say local criminals are increasingly using the internet to find out how to make ecstasy and to order chemicals and equipment instead of importing the drug from overseas. Detective Inspector Pat Boyle, acting head of the state's major drug taskforce, said Wednesday night's seizure of 1900 litres of liquid ecstasy in Sydney would have only a short-term impact on the market The chemicals could have been used to make 18 million tablets, worth $540 million.